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Bale Dutung: A Private Culinary Experience in Angeles City, Pampanga

Bale Dutung by Chef Claude Tayag
Paul Street, Villa Gloria Subd, Angeles City, Pampanga

Bale Dutung, which literally means "house of wood" in Kapampangan, is a private dining space owned and operated by Chef Claude Tayag, one of the Philippines' culinary giants. It is located in a quiet, gated neighborhood in Angeles City, Pampanga, and offers a unique degustation experience that showcases the best of Kapampangan cuisine.


The house itself is a work of art, with its wooden walls and floors, antique furniture, and eclectic collection of artworks and memorabilia. Chef Claude's passion for food and art is evident in every detail, from the beautifully plated dishes to the warm and inviting atmosphere.


Bale Dutung is a truly special place where guests can enjoy a delicious meal and an immersive cultural experience. It is no wonder why Chef Claude was chosen to host the late Anthony Bourdain on his show, No Reservations.

Chef Claude Tayag with the late Anthony Bourdain

The degustation menu at Bale Dutung changes seasonally, but guests can expect to enjoy a variety of traditional Kapampangan dishes, such as kare-kare, sisig, and sinigang. 


Bale Dutung Kapampangan Tasting Menu: A Modern Twist on Traditional Kapampangan Cuisine

Bale Dutung's Kapampangan tasting menu is a 10-course culinary journey that showcases traditional Kapampangan dishes with a modern twist. Chef Claude Tayag uses fresh, local ingredients and innovative cooking techniques to create dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning.

1. Ensaladang Pako

fiddlehead fern salad with pickled quail egg, tomatoes, and onions, drizzled with mango and dalandan vinaigrette

2. Kapampangan's Best

grilled tocino longganisa served with pickled cherry tomatoes and green chillies

3. Pulutan Balugbug

a trio of Kapampangan bar chow: grilled pig ears sisig, begucan or stewed pig ears in shrimp paste, and deep fried pig ears with cilantro sauce

4. Lechon Taco

crispy pork lechon belly with soft taco shells

5. Buro

a trio of taba ng talangka sushi: fried catfish fillet, burong hipon rolled in fresh mustard leaves, and pindang damulag in delicate egg rings

6. Adobong Pugo

slow-cooked quail, served with shoestring potatoes, chicken liver adobo sauce, and soy-marinated quail eggs

7. Bulanglang

native guava-based broth with prawns and roasted pork belly

8. Palate Cleanser

watermelon and pomelo

9. Kare-kareng Laman Dagat

prawns, squid, and mussels cooked in peanut sauce

10. Tibok-tibok

pure carabao's milk maja blanca topped with toasted coconut milk curd

Bale Dutung's service and hospitality were impeccable. Every dish was explained, every request was granted, and the staff was friendly and welcoming. Mary Ann, the wife of Chef Claude, even visited each table to entertain guests.

Operating hours:
Contact Bale Dutung for schedule and reservations

Location: Paul Ave., Villa Gloria Subdivision, San Jose, Angeles City, Pampanga
For reservations, contact 0933-8233967 or email:

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