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Trina specializes in meticulously researched, SEO-friendly content spanning a wide range of topics. She has also been a part-time Concert Photographer and Contributor for AsiaLive365Feel free to explore her previous projects and her comprehensive writing portfolio to get a glimpse of her expertise and capabilities.

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This blog accepts sponsored posts, advertisements, and other collaborations with brands, companies, and individuals. However, I value authenticity, honesty, and providing my readers with quality content above all else.  The primary topics covered in this blog include:

  • Music & Concerts: Explore concert recaps, immersive photos, and captivating videos capturing the essence of the concerts and music festivals I've had the privilege to attend. 
  • Travel & Staycations: Embark on virtual journeys with detailed itineraries, invaluable tips and tricks, budget-friendly advice, and a treasure trove of photos and videos from my adventures and delightful staycations. 
  • Food & Lifestyle: Savor the flavors of life through my curated recommendations for dining experiences and beyond. Discover delightful places to dine and embrace a multifaceted lifestyle.


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