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Trina is a dedicated Management Consultant on weekdays and a content creator sometimes. In the past, she indulged her creative side as a part-time Concert Photographer and Contributor for AsiaLive365An ambitious go-getter and a multifaceted enthusiast, her interests span a wide spectrum, including music and live concerts, cinema and television, photography, culinary delights, retail therapy, and some adventures.


This blog pays homage to the diverse range of hobbies and interests mentioned earlier. It was first launched in 2009 as an innovative outlet for her unfiltered thoughts, offering an appealing alternative to the traditional diary, which she found challenging to maintain. Over the years, this blog has organically transformed into her digital haven—a space where she can freely express herself and share her life's experiences. Today, this platform is a dynamic space for showcasing her recent adventures, photo collections, and various musings.


    • Music & Concerts: Explore concert recaps, immersive photos, and captivating videos capturing the essence of the concerts and music festivals I've had the privilege to attend.
    • Travel & Staycations: Embark on virtual journeys with detailed itineraries, invaluable tips and tricks, budget-friendly advice, and a treasure trove of photos and videos from my adventures and delightful staycations.
    • Food & Lifestyle: Savor the flavors of life through my curated recommendations for dining experiences and beyond. Discover delightful places to dine and embrace a multifaceted lifestyle.


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